Global Data Maps

One of the world’s most comprehensive and granular data maps on work, skills, talent, and learning – past, current, and future.


AI Models

Purpose-built and research-backed prediction, recommendation and matchmaking algorithms focused squarely on the future of work, skills, talent, and learning.
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Profile Parser (Resume, CV, LinkedIn)

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Career Pathway Recommender

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Skills Gap Analyzer

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Job Match Scorer

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FutureFit Scorer

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Personality Profiler

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Learning Recommender

Futurefit Ai




AI-powered GPS for the Organization


AI-powered GPS for the Individual
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An integrated package of tools and human supports to power end-to-end job transitions

FutureFit Intelligence:

Intelligence at your fingertips

Powered by one of the most comprehensive data maps on work, talent, skills, and learning, FutureFit Intelligence is a one-stop home that enables companies, governments, and agencies to develop more intelligent strategies. The coverage includes:
talent DNA

Talent DNA

A map of 300,000,000+ talent profiles with granular details of career pathways, skill profiles, and work experiences.

Company DNA

A map of 7M+ companies with workforce and hiring profiles for leading employers in every industry and region.

Country DNA

A map of 200+ countries and territories with insights on top employers, skills, jobs, learning providers and more.

Skill DNA

A map of 30,000+ current and future skills linked to jobs and clustered by career area and industry.

Work DNA

A map of 80,000+ job titles, 3,000+ job profiles including granular competency profiles, and 500+ future jobs.

Learning DNA

A map of 30,000+ schools globally including employment pathways, program offerings, and more.

FutureFit Pathways:

A GPS for your journey

Up(re)skilling / employment programs focused on helping individuals make a successful and full transition require far more than access to learning content on a screen. FutureFit Pathways brings together all the pieces of the puzzle in place, personalizing the journey to the individual user, while connecting with existing systems easily through APIs and providing the organization with real-time progress tracking:

SEARCH - Explore jobs and skills

Enables comprehensive search across thousands of jobs, skills, companies, and regions.

ASSESS - Assess personality & skills

Allows the user to discover key capabilities and skills as well as complete organization-assigned assessments.

MAP - Map pathways

Guides the planning and pursuit of pathways with AI-powered recommendations between jobs and skills.

LEARN - View learning opportunities

Recommends best match learning opportunities based on profile and skills gap; allows for filtered learning content search with access to 30,000 learning institutions and their offerings.

WORK - View work opportunities

Recommends best match work opportunities based on profile and interests; allows for filtered job search with access to’s global engine.

TRACK - Track and measure progress

Progress identifiers are tracked and measured in the platform in real-time, available to both the user and organization as pathways are completed.

FutureFit Transitions:

Reimagining the future of layoffs

Layoffs don’t work for anyone today – not the people impacted, not the companies making the difficult decisions, and not the governments and communities needing to deal with the aftermath. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Powered by one of the most comprehensive data sources on talent and work, personalized assessments, and access to coaching supports, FutureFit Ai is partnering with leading companies and governments re-imagine layoffs in the age of AI and automation.