Empowering workers with a “GPS for your Career”

FutureFit AI’s platform uses AI to identify an individual’s ‘starting point’ in the labor market, recommend best fit career path ‘destinations’, and build a personalized roadmap of learning, resources, and work opportunities to successfully guide them from point A to point B in their career


FutureFit AI's “GPS for your Career” consists of three interconnected modules to provide innovative, user-friendly support at all levels


End User Module: Creating personalized career transition journeys, all in one platform

An AI-powered tool that acts as a GPS to help individuals navigate end-to-end career transitions by seamlessly connecting them to personalized:

  • Assessments to identify their starting point
  • Career Path Recommendations to set a destination for their career
  • Learning Programs to help bridge their skills gaps
  • Resources to enhance their job readiness
  • Live Work Opportunities to maximize placement

Coach Module: Enabling career coaches to better support individuals

An intuitive technology solution dedicated to helping career coaches and staff maximize service delivery while driving better outcomes for individuals by:

  • Sending resources and assigning individuals next steps
  • Tracking individuals' progress on their roadmap
  • Documenting notes for easy case management

Insights Module: Generating real-time intelligence to drive equitable outcomes

A powerful reporting and washboarding tool that captures information at every stage of the journey to improve decision making and inform investments through:

  • Real-time progress and outcomes data
  • Cohort-wide and individual-level insights
  • Platform engagement and satisfaction metrics