AI-powered Up(re)skilling for the future of work & learning
Futurefit AI is the most intelligent way to invest the world’s
talent, skills and employment dollars, dinars, euros and shillings
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Becoming and Staying FutureFit:
The 4th Industrial Revolution’s Grand Challenge
In a world increasingly defined by digital technologies and automation, our old models and tools are ill-suited to the changing landscape of work and learning. FutureFit AI puts real-time intelligence in the hands of people, organizations, and societies to become and stay FutureFit.
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An Urgent Need to Reimagine our Systems of Work & Education


Work: 40% of employers cannot find the skills they need, and only 17% say they are ready to manage a workforce in which people, robots, and AI work side-by-side.

Not a single US state has its higher education credentials “highly aligned” with the job market,



Work: Of those most affected by automation 55% of them women and over 60% peoples of colour


Learning: Under 20% of those surveyed think college admissions is fair with graduates owing $20,000 more than borrowers did just 10 years ago -- a $1.5 trillion debt crisis.



Work: 50 years ago the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was 75 years. Today, it’s less than 15 years and declining.

Learning: While nearly half of companies say skill shortages are a major concern for the future of their firm, only 3% said they will significantly increase their training budgets over the next three years.

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What Powers FutureFit AI
Linked data from the world’s most comprehensive data sets on future jobs, future skills, and future fit talent.
Enterprise-grade platform designed for both individuals and organizations to launch and deliver up(re)skilling programs.

AI Models

Purpose-built and research-backed prediction and matchmaking algorithms to connect talent, skills, and opportunities.
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for you

FutureFit You

Find career and learning pathways - personalized to you.

what you need to realize your dreams - we search the world to find funding you qualify for.

Follow your journey with our AI-powered intelligence and supports - to help you stay ahead.

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FutureFit Business

future jobs and skills - customized to your strategy.

your current talent - skills, personality, character, interests, and needs.

Map pathways fit for the future - talent acquisition, development, and transition.


FutureFit Government and Higher Education

Identify future jobs and those at risk of automation - nationally or in a rural community.

Curate learning and training opportunities from a global marketplace - 10,000+ and growing.

Invest in helping people up(re)skill - powered by AI and analytics.

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