Empowering Organizations to Build a FutureFit Workforce

We partner with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and staffing firms to provide an AI-powered tool that acts as a ‘GPS for your Career,’ supporting individuals from career path exploration, to reskilling, to job placement.


An End-to-End Career Transition Platform

From resume parsing and assessments to identify a worker’s skills, to AI-powered career path recommendations, to personalized skills gap analyses and learning recommendations, to success coaching all the way through job placement, we’ve built the world’s most comprehensive career transition platform.

Enterprise: workforce transformation

Reimagine each stage of the employee lifecycle from talent acquisition, to internal mobility, to offboarding

Provide employees with a one-stop-shop platform for career exploration, reskilling, and job placement to improve the cost, quality, and effectiveness of talent mobility while enhancing the employability and resilience of your workforce.


Staffing Firms: Matching & Reskilling

Empower candidates to explore roles that are feasible, sustainable, and desirable

Increase gross profitability per candidate by creating faster, more relevant, and more valuable matches, whether based on candidates’ current skills or on those they could gain through specific upskilling and reskilling programs.


Help unemployed and underemployed individuals connect to jobs in their local economy

Improve economic mobility, increase the impact of workforce development investments, and access unique data on programs driving successful outcomes while helping job seekers navigate innovative training and resources to boost their employability.


Wall Street Journal

A Counterintuitive Fix for Robot-Driven Unemployment

“The little-known practice of ‘outskilling,’ where employers train about-to-be-laid-off workers for jobs outside the company, is gaining ground as a solution to automation-related labor disruption.”
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World Economic Forum

FutureFit AI serves as a lead contributor to Future of Jobs Report 2020

“The willingness to transition to new jobs, matched with new reskilling and upskilling capabilities, can help them find routes from affected to new, growing opportunities.”

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Access one of the most detailed data maps of the future of work

FutureFit AI is powered by 350 million talent profiles, 80,000 job titles, 30,000 skills, real time labor market intelligence across the globe, and proprietary machine learning algorithms specifically optimized to enable successful career transitions.


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