Enterprise: Workforce transformation

Solving for career transition outcomes

Digital transformation, labor market shortages, and DEI imperatives are increasing the volume and magnitude of required career transitions at an unprecedented pace.

FutureFit AI accelerates workforce transformation efforts at global Fortune 500 companies that go beyond employee engagement and solve for career transition outcomes.


FutureFit AI can be deployed for workforce transformation use cases across the employee lifecycle:

Talent Acquisition

Helping candidates explore potential career paths and best-fit open roles within a company

Internal Mobility

Fueling companies’ internal talent marketplaces to support their employees' mobility and growth

Offboarding & Redeployment

Reimagining layoffs and outplacement to better support employees into their next role

Employee Module: Support employees in navigating end-to-end career transitions

Acts as a GPS for employees’ careers by profiling an individual’s skills and interests, and recommending personalized career paths that are feasible, sustainable, and desirable.

Employees are connected to targeted upskilling and reskilling programs, as well as real time job postings within or outside of their company.


Coach Module: Extend human support through career coaching for any employee

Allows FutureFit AI Coaches as well as a company’s own HR staff to complement our platform’s AI-powered recommendations.

Coaches have a dedicated interface of our platform that enables them to facilitate support calls, send employees resources and action items, and monitor progress and outcomes data.

Employer Module: Access an unparalleled flywheel of insights to inform critical workforce decisions

Solves the “cold start” problem of not having sufficient initial data to start to drive company-specific workforce transformation recommendations.

FutureFit AI has already analyzed 350 million talent profiles and continues to support hundreds of thousands of career transitions each year.


Integrated with the world’s leading transition solution providers


An end-to-end workforce transformation platform

Let us take care of the hard stuff.
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