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You’re excited about an AI-powered solution to the biggest challenge of the Future of Work

Facilitating successful career transitions is the biggest challenge of the Future of Work, and our mission is to address that challenge by using AI to transform education and economic mobility.

FutureFit AI is harnessing the power of the very technology that’s disrupting global workforces to provide individuals with an AI-powered tool that acts as a GPS for their career, allowing them to understand what skills they have, what careers they can pursue, and how they can get there.

You’re passionate about working alongside a distinctively diverse team

Our team is uniquely positioned to tackle the massive global challenge that is facilitating successful career transitions not only because we’ve spent our entire careers in this sector, but also because our team includes a diversity of different backgrounds that we feel gives us the unique perspective and values to radically transform the future of work.

You’re ready to help accelerate lasting impact at an award-winning company

Less than a year after going to market, FutureFit AI has already partnered with Fortune 500 companies and governments to support individuals navigate career transitions in 12 different countries.

In that time, we have won a $1M grant from the TD Ready Challenge as well as the U.S. Department of Education's Future of Higher Education Award, received the Future of Work prize from the Social Innovation Summit, and became active contributors to the World Economic Forum - and we’re just getting started.

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