Layoffs suck.

Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a
shameful experience.


Imagine an exit experience that leaves your employees better
off. Not in limbo.

We’re reimagining layoffs to put people in charge of their transition:
intelligent, human, and personalized to their needs and career goals.

Layoffs don’t need to leave a negative mark.

Transition points can be the best thing to happen to your people’s careers—if supported the right way. Or they can have a lasting negative impact on your employees, company, and community.*

in Income for Laid Off Workers


in Job Performance for Employees


Likely for Companies to File for Bankruptcy

AI-Powered, Human-Supported Outskilling for the
Future of Work

Better for workers


Choice & Agency

Power your workers to choose their own path and the support they want.

Intelligence & Advice

Insights built from 350M+ real-time career pathways and data on in-demand jobs alongside coaching, counseling, and more.

Dignity & Respect

Layoffs don’t have to be stigmatized, shameful, and soul-crushing. Turn them into a dignified opportunity for workers to transition into good jobs.

Better for Companies


Higher Profits &
Lower Risks

27% improvement in business results and a significant reduction in the brand and legal risk when layoffs are re-imagined.*

Exiting Workers as

Your exiting workers become your future customers. Support them as ambassadors and returning talent as you help them transition.

$0 in Additional

Get started without needing to ask for additional budget, even in times of constraint.

Better for Communities


Improved Outcomes for Families

Our platform prioritizes good jobs with a positive demand outlook and stable pay so families can be confident in their future.

Less Strain on Governments

Workers end up better equipped with timely data and career advice resulting in less reliance on employment services and government programs.

More Giving Back

Workers grow into career paths that are more resilient to the future of work and better prepared to contribute back.

How it works

Your company allocates a budget to
each worker for them to spend.

Seamless budget deployments
Enterprise LMS and HR systems integrations
Live tracking and impact measurement
Labour market analytics and company benchmarking

Our AI platform helps them discover
career options and choose their path.

360 profiling
Career discovery
Next step recommendations
Skill gap analysis

Each worker can access what they need,
when they need it.

  • Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Skills training
  • Resume writing and interview prep
  • Financial supports
  • Health & wellness
  • Entrepreneurship and freelance
  • Job boards and opportunities

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*Based on research featured in Harvard Business Review: May-June 2018.
Sandra J. Sucher and Shalene Gupta. “Layoffs that Don’t Break your Company: Better approaches to workforce transitions.” HBR 2018.