Layoffs don’t have to suck.

Because saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a shameful experience.
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In income for laid off workers


In job performance for remaining employees


Likely for companies to file bankruptcy

Layoffs don’t need to leave a negative mark.

Transition points can be a launchpad for your people’s careers, if supported the right way.

Turn existing budgets into positive investments.

We help employers redesign their approach to layoffs by putting the human experience at the center. This means exiting employees receive their very own budget to spend on services and supports at no extra cost to you.

Give your people the power of choice with flexible outskilling options.

Rather than one-size fits all, our platform delivers white glove career support to those that need it most. Our AI platform helps workers explore career options, specify their goals, and choose their path, all powered by real-time data and skill gap analysis.

Access to a one stop shop for outplacement.

Each worker has what they need when they need it. Powered by our next step recommendation engine, our platform guides each worker through a unique experience with access to assessments, coaching, counseling, resume review and tips, training, job postings, and more.

Give them their very own AI-powered career transition assistant.


Career pathing connected to personality, values and interests

Integrated with the world’s leading transition solution providers

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An operating system for career transitions.

Let us take care of the hard stuff.
We come enterprise ready and integration friendly.
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