Inskilling & Talent Acquisition

Help candidates find the right careers within your company or staffing firm

Enable faster and more effective matches with AI-powered user profiling, career path mapping, skills gap analysis, and learning recommendations.
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faster talent


improvement in matching relevance


cost of a
bad hire

Tap into career path guidance that’s up to speed.

Built from real-time data sources, our algorithms enable career navigation that’s both connected to the market and personalized to your candidates.

Gain a more granular view on candidates through innovative user profiling.

Provide intelligent user profiling that allows candidates to understand their skills through resume parsing, skill validation, and customizable assessments.

Accelerate career discovery with AI-powered matches that provide candidates with recommendations just for them.

Recommend best match career pathways within your company based on a candidate’s skills and interests, powered by FutureFit AI’s proprietary data and algorithms of successful career transitions from over 350 million talent profiles.

Achieve better, faster job placement with personalized training and career support.

Provide personalized skills gap analysis and learning program recommendations that allow candidates to understand how they can equip themselves with the skills to succeed in specific career paths within your company.

An operating system for career transitions.

Let us take care of the hard stuff.
We come enterprise ready and integration friendly.
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